Friday, July 9, 2010

Why would I know what grout colour to use?

Anyone dealing with Di L0renz0 take note. Take note of the grout colour choices you make for every tile selection you make. Do you think you will remember this detail in 6-12 months after your tile selection appointment? If you do, you should work for Di L0renz0. Because nobody there seems to know. Or record this detail.

If you do record your grout colours, make sure you carry that piece of info with you everywhere. You never know when your tiler might see you driving past, flag you down and ask what grout colour to use around the bath, on the floor, on the walls and the splashback. Of course, if you're like me and have different tiles in different bathrooms, prepare for a grout grilling.

Not only have I had the tiler ask me about the grout, but also which tiles go where, in which room and what layout. Why Di L0renz0 bother to book in tile selection appointments I dunno. I should have just selected everything directly with the tiler. I felt bad for the tiler coz he seems to get rushed from one job to another only to discover holes in their paperwork which means he's got tiles but no grout. Or tiles with wrong grout. Or lots of grout but not enough tiles.

If I didn't work from home, I would never have met the tiler.. whom, at the moment because of the confusion, I make a point of seeing almost every day. We may have ended up with a ridiculous combination of muddle ups. Or still be waiting on tiles selected 8 months ago but which are residing in their birth place in Italy. We compromised and decided to have no feature tile (instead of wait for them to me shipped) in the Ensuite to minimise the delays.

My advice.. if anything goes awry email details to Di L0renz0. One, you have a record. Two, they respond faster. Three, you can forward their responses to your Site Supervisor so everyone's on the same page.

To end on one more grouty detail, here are more pics I took today. Spot the tiles with missing grout... which is on order.
WC - white skirting tiles to be replaced with floor tile (on order)


Bathroom shower recess

Ensuite shower recess (floor tiles will look black when cleaned)


  1. its not yet finished but i know you can work on it..choose something that would also match the tiles and it would also make it brighter..make sure that it would not look dull

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