Monday, July 19, 2010

Lights.. Camera.. KEYS!

We are overwhelmed. Yesterday my son blew out four candles that were sitting atop his grandma's latest cake sensation (sunsational!) at our soon-to-be-local park on Pebble Cres. Lovely location and fabulous family & friends hip-hip-hooraying with us. This morning, he continued opening presents while we received our own big news package.

Our final inspections are locked in for 29 July with our settlement meeting (KEYS!!) the following week. More than being excited, I just feel relieved. Everything will be better being inside our own place. Can't wait to be out somewhere, and then remember when I leave, I'll be heading to OUR home and be able to zoom up our driveway and have big sighs and a grin stepping in the door.

Like most of the world's population, we were hit (several times with big financial bruises to show) by the global financial crisis last year. Just having the weight of not paying rent and the mortgage will be a huge load off.

I finally gave the landlord 4 weeks notice today.Anyone want to help move? Haha. We're almost packed up.. just have the essentials out. Also there's no stairs involved this time. Moving will be a breeze compared to the last one.

Pics of paint colour choices (thank you!! to the colour experts at CCD Studio who designed our colour palette)
Taubmans "Whitehouse" used in above in the Family room and throughout most of the house including all trims

Taubmans "Foxtail" on render, Colorbond "Dune" on gutters, Colorbond "Surfmist" on windows and garage door, PGH "Smoke" bricks

We received a quote from the electrician used by Eden Brae for an additional powerpoint $42, and a separate circuit for the induction cooktop was $460! WHAT THE?!?!

He mentioned no extra cost when I met him at the house. I assumed it was part of the electrical plan. You can imagine the sparks flying from my ears when hubby told me we owed them over $500.

Hubby called an electrician friend to find out what price would be considered reasonable. Then went back to the company who sent the quote.

When hubby mentioned "excessive quote", they quickly changed tack and said it was a mistake. They had included the cost of installing the cooktop in the quote. The quote stated in bold writing installation was not included. Just an excuse to backtrack out of admitting they tried to rip us off.

Quote to be resubmitted shortly. Will see how much it drops.. a lesson for all. Always ask tradies if they're almost too helpful to get things done whether they'll be any additional costs. Also call up and demand more competitive prices if you get a ridiculous quote.

Nothing will dampen our spirits now. We have a date with a beautiful new house.. hey home, be with you soon xx


  1. Congratulations Coco!! So happy for you and totally understand about not having to pay rent.. can't wait for the day! We've still got no bricks and the rain keeps coming. No roof either and I'm getting worried about a leaky first floor through the ground floor ceiling.. :(

  2. Oh and of course, happy birthday to your little boy!!! He will be celebrating his 5th birthday in the new home! Very exciting! :)

  3. Acquah, what I'm waiting for is December 1 when I can legitimately start unwrapping all the gorgeous xmas decorations I bought last year and kept boxed for the new house. Brings a big smile to my sleep deprived eyes. My 1yo didn't have a Xmas tree last year (couldn't bring ourselves to bring out our monster sized one in the rental). It will be his first time decorating a tree *sigh*

    So envious of your recent shopping trip! Love that shop you found. May have to sneak in there when Hubby is not watching and plan some purchases.. retaining walls are calling our names right now. Bill is going to be obscene.

    Love reading your updates and seeing your pics of purchases. Keep it up!

  4. Sorry to hear about the recent dramas with handover! :( Can't believe it's the toilets holding you guys back!! How frustrating.. but hopefully all will be over soon for you guys and you get to move into your lovely home and enjoy being in it!

    Yes you must check the interior outlet out (when hubby isn't around!) ;) We go there every week to make progress payments on the items we bought and like to check out the latest items.

    Yikes retaining walls.... haven't even got thinking about that stage!