Tuesday, July 6, 2010

At the edge of celebration

Could the keys be placed in our fingers this month? Probably not. There seems too much on the To Do list.

This is going to be type and run because there's so much left to do today. Tick Tick. Its passed midday already..

Well our bulkhead in the kitchen has managed to stay in place. Our inspector looked at it and wondered.. and I never thought of even looking at supporting beams till then.


Quick round up of last few weeks. First and foremost, I ORDERED FLOORING!

After months of research and indecision, numerous samples taken home, stared at, and then disregarded, it all culminated in a weekend in flooring showrooms. 

We were at the right place at the right time and were so lucky to meet Tom and his team at Carpet Choice. Two words.. Phenomenal Service. If you are like me and need to know everything and then some, seek out Tom. He has patience, experience and honesty (happily points out the negatives in products) that we found immeasurably helpful in making such a big decision. Best of all, the quote we got was by far the best price (and I checked online international and national floor companies - our budget required lots of shopping around). Happy to pass along Tom's detail (message me).
A recap - we're having tiles in Bathroom, Ensuite and Laundry. Every other room (about 180m sq) needed a flooring option that was either going to be Hardwood (discounted because of our tight budget), Vinyl (discounted because it looks flat and 1 dimensional in such a large area also its coldness being direct stuck onto concrete) and finally Laminate.

We eventually decided on Armstrong's Forest Select laminate in Spotted Gum. Beautiful 2.2m long planks which I can't wait to see in our place.

I really don't know why it takes me so long to make these type of decisions. My poor hubby got shown about 5 products which he agreed on, got used to the idea of, and then BAM! I dropped another flooring option in the mix.

Other news is the tilers have been busy for a week and have almost finished. Someone at Di Lorenzo dropped the ball and forgot to order our Ensuite feature tile so its still sitting in Italy. To DL's credit, they responded quickly to my concern about the wait time and hopefully we will have an alternative shortly.

The painters started mid last week and have undercoated almost everything. Our living area looks gorgeous just with the undercoat. We were concerned it may be gloomy in there because of the double storey homes around us but with the greyness of the plaster board gone, and white everywhere, it looks bright and cheery.

This morning I drove past and the render company was there prepping the red bricks on the facade. We have been waiting for this for weeks.. a few worried neighbours cautiously asked about our "design feature" red bricks but seemed much more relaxed when they heard they will be soon out of sight.

Here are some progress pics which I sneaked while chatting to the tiler. Note that there should be a set of drawers in the Ensuite cabinetry but this was somehow missed so that cabinet will need to be replaced. This was after Eden Brae and the kitchen company tried to charge almost $500 for the drawers. Of course, we pointed out they should be standard as they are in the Display Home. They eventually (and I stress "eventually") agreed and the week after, we noticed the drawers in the Ponds display home were changed to cupboards!

Kitchen island


Living Area & Alfresco

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