Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It looks like a rectangle, Mum

Exploring our local parks and testing out a new scooter

Ask a 4 year old his opinion, and he's going to tell you exactly what he sees. I asked my Chomper what the house looks like and he responded with the title to this post.

The house can be seen now without any obstructions to the view. Fence? Gone. Portaloo? Removed from site. Our tradies have no restroom to use so I'm expecting those trees still standing on our neighbour's Lot may also be gone shortly.

This last week has been disappointing. I expected a huge rush of activity and major headway towards the finish line. It seems to be creeping along painstakingly slow. The major holdup are the cornice people who have not shown up for over two weeks. Our bathrooms and alfresco are nude without them and have yet to be painted and accessorized (no towel rails and worse! no bath tub installed yet). We are scheduled to have our Handover Thursday week (keys baby! you know what Handover is of course.. but I just l-o-v-e saying, thinking, typing "k-e-y-s" whenever I get the chance).

And with a large list of items still left to complete, our Site Supervisor is about to have a much larger list as of midday tomorrow.

Our SS has decided to skip their usual process with us. We have so many variations that he wants us on site at 10am tomorrow to have the PCI inspection to highlight anything amiss. Usually Eden Brae waits until everything is completed before scheduling this in. So far, our SS has listed the following items booked but not complete.

Toilets, Bath, Taps, Towel rails installation
Drive way & Porch pegged and meshed but not yet concreted ( due to rain )
Shower screens and mirrors booked for Friday
Hot Water System install
Spot cleaning brick work

 Also the timber cladding in our Alfresco looks atrocious.
 Photo taken of Display Home shows what it should look like

Photo taken of our Alfresco early last month. The roof is now there but the cladding hasn't been touched since.

I have asked Howard, our property inspector, to be with us for this inspection. His services costs $595 but at least we have his critical eye and construction knowledge. Perhaps I should take Chomper too. He'll definitely see everything from a whole new perspective. Possible suggestion from him: more mud, less house please.

He may be happy to see that tomorrow morning, there may be a curve to complement The Rectangle. The driveway is ready to be poured! Why that's suddenly so exciting is still a little cloudy. Maybe something to do with my sleep deprivation (my 1 yr old boy Bear-Ba has a ear and throat infection and sleep is a distant memory of what happened last week).

When my laptop gets itself together (overloaded with movie files of my adventurous two which need to be archived to DVD) and let's me preview my fresh-from-construction-site photos, I will upload them here. No guarantee I will be awake when that happens, so maybe have to wait till a future post.

HA that's odd! Welcome back laptop. I was just talking about you. Here's a pic of the outside.. Good night (here's hoping sleep happens in this house tonight).

not so sure about that white garage door.. we'll have to park outside to disguise it =P

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