Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A question for you

There is a slight timing issue I need advice on. We are renting at the moment and will have to break our lease early. What I find worrying is that we need to give our landlord enough notice to get new tenants otherwise we'll be paying rent potentially until October. OUCH.

So when do I tell the Property Manager about breaking the lease early? We will be immensely screwed if we give them a date, they get tenants and BAM the whole key handover process blows its projected mid-August timeline.

We're thinking to give them a conservative date of 30 August to be out of here. But it that conservative enough? Is there potential for us to be begging for shelter last minute? Any offers of accommodation for our lovely, loud, food throwing, tantrum ridden family of four who have 2 boys under four for a few weeks? Anyone?

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