Sunday, June 13, 2010

Multiple rounds of inspections

We had three inspectors go through a couple weeks ago. Eden Brae uses Tyrells as an "independent inspector". There is a fine line though because of course they are paid by Eden Brae and only look for certain issues like problems with the frames. Apparently they don't do a thorough inspection of everything. They are given a brief and they stick to it obviously as any other contractor of Eden Brae's. Tyrells found a few basic things which was fixed within a day by our Site Supervisor himself. Missing nails, shaving off a bit of frame here and there. That was about it.

The round after was the council inspector. We got lucky and had the most pedantic of the inspectors who went through the place with a fine tooth comb. This time our SS (who expressed his frustration to me about this while I held back a smile) had to call back some of the brickies to redo some of the facade. The brickwork under the cladded wall areas did not have an adequate flashing (water proofing?) installed
He also asked for Eden Brae to get the frame manufacturers engineer to inspect and certify the beam supporting our huge 4.2mx3m bulkhead. Along with numerous other bits and pieces. By this time, the wall insulation and plasterboard had been delivered but had to be put on hold for almost a week because the council inspector came back out to check all issues were fixed to his standard.

Our inspector Howard from H&K Ryan was the final building professional to go through the place. I attended this inspection and found it interesting how people in the trade could look at something and immediately pick up issues at face value. It was a flag that said that if any building had major issues, the SS would almost certainly know and should have done something about it before getting to inspection stage.

Howard was worth the $595. Our SS was on top of the build and he found only a few things. For the piece of mind of having someone with 20yrs experience in the trade tell me the building was of high standard was more than worth the expense. How would we know otherwise?

He picked up one major issue that would have caused a hot water pipe to blow in the Guest room in years to come. There was no insulation (separation) of the wall frame brace from the copper pipe.
<----The pipes were behind a couple posts in the frames so was missed by the other inspectors.

Other defects include a missing weep hole and the rear French door unit needs an angle fitted above. I was incredibly irritated to hear that one of the brickies had purposely put a brick rear (rough side) facing at the back of the house. Howard said some of them do this as a signature. The brick can be replaced but the risk of the mortar colour being different to what's already there which leaves us no alternative than to just leave it as is.

<---- Missing weep hold under window frame.

Howard stayed for a chat and answered all my questions and also gave me some landscaping advice since we'll have a massive retaining wall bill and need decent drainage as the water features and wading pools are plentiful after the massive deluge we've had in the last couple weeks. He said to call anytime to ask questions and he was even happy to drop in and offer advice for any work we do after handover. Which was lovely to hear as we'll need as much help as we can get to make sure our own subbies do the right thing.
<---- Our alfresco swim up bar

Now that inspections are done, our insulation and plasterboards have gone in (will post pics soon - I couldn't work a camera at that level of excitement). Seeing the house was beyond overwhelming.
I think I had the energy to pack up our rental house, get everything on a truck, offload it all into the garage at our home (Our Home! love being able to say that) and then unpack the entire contents. Let the building spirits be on our side. We want the keys. NOW.


  1. Lovely reading the updates on your blog! We're building with EB too and just got assigned our SS. Interesting to read about how you hired your own inspector.. would be interested in getting Howard's contact details! I know we're far off from when we get to this stage but he sounds like he provided an invaluable service!!

  2. Hi Acquah. Go to Highly recommend getting Howard in.. its also worth mentioning to your SS that you will have your own inspector check it out at frame stage and drop Howard's name (EB knows him well!) It may mean your SS will bring in better contractors or make sure everything is done properly at the start. Just a theory! But the less Howard finds, the less your build will be delayed. Good luck and keep me updated with your build =)

  3. Thanks Coco! Sorry I've just seen your reply now. :) Thanks for following my blog as well. I'm just about to post an update, second floor frames and the roof are up now! :) Will definitely be giving Howard a call.