Monday, June 14, 2010

Cornices going in today

Just a quickie.. I drove past this morning to see the plasterers finishing off and the cornice people getting started. Tomorrow the carpenter is booked to come in and hang all the doors and put in the wall skirtings.

We are so lucky (so far..) to have our SS "SH" who started with Eden Brae with us as one of his first projects. He is flying through and scheduling all the trades to roll in smoothly after each other with not much gap between. There are not many days that I remember seeing no one on site.

We were due to get keys mid August but at the moment, the build is ahead of schedule.

A note if you're pre-construction, make sure you go through your variations and describe in detail how you want the variation to look and exactly where it should be. We've learnt the hard way. If it's not in the Final Variation Contract then you have no power to negotiate. Of course, you can ask your SS but it will then depend on them and your relationship to them, whether they want to action your request.

Attention to detail will save you money and disappointment if the builder says no.

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