Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bathroom finishes begin..

The carpenter was not kidding when he said he'd be locking us out today. We are well and truly relegated to Peeping Tom status.

When I pulled up to the front, I saw garage door and front door hung and I realised immediately that we hadn't remembered to take a key over the weekend (they stick them to the doors). How ridiculously silly.

Anyway, too excited to ponder this any longer, I peeped through every window and I spotted bathroom cabinetry, basins and waterproofing done. For the first time, I feel quite confident that I'm going to achieve the look I wanted in the bathrooms. The main bathroom I wanted relaxed elegance but the ensuite I went all out to try to get the hotel luxury look. I can't wait to post pics up but I'm ecstatic about the handles I've chosen. They turn cabinetry into statement pieces. Hopefully a good statement! Anyway I know I'll be going to the bathrooms just to stare at those handles... I no longer believe building a house is conducive to good mental health.

Photos to follow =)

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