Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Colour Selection - BEFORE

Being given the colour selection pack at the last tender appointment was like Xmas morning for me. My husband glanced over and knew how I much I wanted to walk out of there immediately and rip it open. Only he would know how much I wanted to have some quiet, one-on-one time with brochures.

Opening it up and glancing through, I was disappointed with the lack of detail in them. There was no reference to what the "standard" items were and the "upgrades". We made a trip to the Home Options Gallery on a Saturday which was also disappointing for the same reason. Also, there was such a limited display. Being a "gallery" was using the term a bit liberally. The staff there had no idea what we were entitled to and kept to the line that the "colour specialist" or the "kitchen selection" meeting would be where we'd get the detail we needed. Unfortunately, we'd have to wait until the actual Colour Selection Meeting. Apparently, in 6 hours we are meant to see the options available and decide on everything from mortar colour, bathroom tiles in two bathrooms, roof tiles, kitchen layout, benchtop material, shelving and storage, cupboard colours, water heater, internal doors, external doors, gas outlet locations, an electrical plan, wall colour, ceiling colour, cornice colour, etc etc etc.

WHAT? How can anyone do this and be remain happy with their decisions. For that matter, how can anyone sit for 6 solid hours and not give in to the first/easiest choice after Hour 3?

I have been preparing for months for this but even I am going to be drowning in the ocean of choices. On a happier note, I've settled on a colour theme. All the colours in the beautiful room below will feature in our home.

Keep an eye out for my next post to see how the colour selection meeting panned out.


  1. "On a happier note, I've settled on a colour theme"

    Have you ;-0

  2. This is great. We had our appointment at HOG yesterday - just like you wrote - our heads are spinning. Can't wait to read more of your progress - many thanks